Book Reviews

Songs and Stories from Tesla’s Tower

by PanOrpheus  Reviewed 5/5/15

An electro-mechanical engineer named Robert stepped into a Peruvian restaurant one day and noticed that it seemed a little off…and after pulling a few salt packets from his jacket pocket and sprinkling Sea Salt in the otherwise bland Soup, he found himself transported to other places and times. Rock-n-roll music lyrics mixed with adventure, magic, humor and mystery made this an out-of-sight, psychedelic and groovy story.

The story begins in the Egyptian times and ends up in 1969 mingling with Janis, Jimi and Joni at Woodstock. Sprinkled throughout were the references to classic rock songs for the reader to reminisce and be amused:

“I was in Chicago . . . As I was walking down the street one day a lady came up to me and said ‘What time is it?’ . . . “Does anybody really know what time it is?”

A musician named John “…shook his head to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming. Then he thought: ‘Imagine’, if all the people could be like us in the group…livin’ in harmony…”

And then the reference of some thinking rock-n-roll was devil’s music: “Devil-worship was becoming more prevalent, and even the music was beginning to show a dark symphony for the Devil.”

During his trip to many places back in time, Robert became privy to secrets, i.e., how the pyramids were really built (soaked with water, they grew in size and weight; the myth that slaves built the pyramids were untrue after all, children built them!). He inhaled “Sacred Dust,” and found out that inhaling is not an addiction but makes one happy “like playing the flutes” happy and makes one see animals with smiley faces. He learned that crop circles were really landing maps for alien ships (we already knew that though, didn’t we?) and the word “Steam-punk” was a bad word.

Then we meet Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. An intervention had to be done (with music), and Tesla Tower was to be built. But first, everything had to be done in a certain order, or disorder will occur. We read about Nikola Tesla looking around and really seeing the poles and wires, the transformers and the whole system “that must be abandoned as an outmoded, vulnerable technology” and that all of this should be underground because all of those wires and poles were an intrusion on the landscape. He wondered why they couldn’t figure out how to do wireless transmission of electricity. Then we see Thomas Edison having a nightmare about being strapped into an electric chair and asking if it was “direct or alternating current.”

This story was full of humor and thought-proving ideas. The lyrics, recognizing the classic rock singers/bands introduced were great, and Janis’s comments throughout were hilarious. I feel like I want to read it again to get more meaning out of it. Thanks for the “trip” down memory lane!


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