Heads Will Roll by Joanie Chevalier

Wow! What an awesome review of my medical/horror thriller, Heads Will Roll. Sandy did an awesome job. Thank you!

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Finished the book. My mind is still trying to wrap around what I just read.

I love the story line. The premise of head/body transplants are usually related to robots and cyborgs. No science fiction in this book! There was so much going on. Never a dull moment!

Throughout the book you learn the characters connection to each other. It’s as if each personal connection coordinates with the connection of each vein and spinal cord from the body to the head. The connections can be severed. Relocating and then reattaching may be accomplished, but it may not be completely successful.

The three brothers are trying to pick up the pieces of their faltering legacy. Their family was in no way perfect. Skeletons were being dealt with years after their parents had passed. The job wasn’t easy, but the brothers had each other. The boys were raised in…

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