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I want to thank each and every one of you who made my first month a success!! How do I define success?? Well, if you saw my TR-for-review list you’d understand. I absolutely love it!! So many brave indie authors took a huge risk in handing their “baby” over to me. I can honestly say I have enjoyed all of them. I got to travel in time multiple times (how fun is that???), witness unorthodox medical procedures (two come to mind), learn how to overcome death (a few times), and experience love in its purest form (many, many times).

This all started after watching  My year reading a book from every country in the world, a TED Talk by Ann Morgan. I began my list. I searched online and found hundreds of helpful suggestions…

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Heads Will Roll by Joanie Chevalier

Wow! What an awesome review of my medical/horror thriller, Heads Will Roll. Sandy did an awesome job. Thank you!

Feed My Biblio-diction


Finished the book. My mind is still trying to wrap around what I just read.

I love the story line. The premise of head/body transplants are usually related to robots and cyborgs. No science fiction in this book! There was so much going on. Never a dull moment!

Throughout the book you learn the characters connection to each other. It’s as if each personal connection coordinates with the connection of each vein and spinal cord from the body to the head. The connections can be severed. Relocating and then reattaching may be accomplished, but it may not be completely successful.

The three brothers are trying to pick up the pieces of their faltering legacy. Their family was in no way perfect. Skeletons were being dealt with years after their parents had passed. The job wasn’t easy, but the brothers had each other. The boys were raised in…

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Stop Preachin’ to the Choir! Marketing to our Savvy Readers

Stop Preachin’ To The Choir!

I woke up with this sentence stuck in my head a few days ago.  I had to chuckle too, because in my dream, I saw this phrase as a big blinking neon sign, like a sign you would see flashing outside of a seedy hotel window in an old Dick Tracey movie.


Stop Preachin’ To The Choir!

I had the sudden revelation that I was marketing my promotions wrong.  I had just published my new thriller and was busy marketing (indie authors can’t just sit on their butts and write-they’re required to market now too-grrr).  I’ve heard before that promoting what other people say about your book is more effective than your own claim that your book is the best.

We’ve all witnessed that author who constantly promotes their book with the claim that it “has twists and turns!” “will blow your mind!” “5-star read all the way!” “so exciting you’ll feel like you’re riding a roller coaster!”  Meh. After the same post on their Facebook and twitter accounts over and over, your eyes begin to gloss over and then eventually, ignore them, or worse, unfriend them.  Not the way to end a marketing campaign.


Stop Preachin’ To The Choir! is a simple marketing plan FOR readers.  Listen, our readers are our choir.  Some are leaders of their own Goodreads groups, have thousands of books on their shelves, as well as hundreds of book-lovin’ friends. They blog. They are involved in book clubs. Their tbr (to be read) lists are so long, their Kindles have Kindles. In other words, our readers are savvy.

So, with this being said, why are we preachin’ to the choir (our readers)?  They want to hear what other readers are saying about our books, not what we’re saying about our books.  Of course my book is great, but if someone else said it, then it is truly validated.

After the flashing neon sign slipped through my sleeping noggin and I woke up from my dream, I decided to do a quick comparison via twitter to see if I was on the right track.  I saw that the marketing photo I tweeted with a short sentence from an Amazon Reviewer received double the interaction than the tweet where I said my book was awesome and therefore I’m a fabulous author (not in those exact words but that’s probably how it was read, with possibly the words “pompous” and “boorish” added in for good measure).

(FYI: These tweets were not any part of an ad campaign, just my daily tweeting.)

Top Tweet Comparisons

I think the tweets speak for themselves, right?

So, to recap: Stop Preachin’ to the Choir!   white-male-1871431_640

My new thriller Heads Will Roll is available here: myBook.to/HeadsWillRoll

“What an edge on your seat terrifying thriller, which focuses on people who will do just about anything to have the ideal body, and the doctor who will cross the line, to make their dreams a reality.” ~Amazon Reviewer