My First WordPress Blogs and I Can’t Figure Out My Own Dang Site

I know, it should be easy.  When I click on a link, it takes me somewhere else.  After I post a “blog,” I can’t figure out how to get back to the pretty front page.  Forgive me.  I guess this site is (still) under construction.  But I will try my best to get it up and running and organized.  Try until my eyes hurt.  Try until my fingers are numb and my nails need polishing.  Try in between working full-time, writing blogs and short stories, playing with my Chihuahua Frankie, laundry, dishes, gardening, camping and writing my novelette about a lonely woman who becomes obsessed, my stand-alone book about old people, love and trust, and then my sequel to mypink typewriter other book about dating and murder, and also in between learning how to use Scrivener, supposedly a must-have writer’s tool which totally doesn’t make sense yet but I love the virtual cork board and little “index” cards, and figuring out how to setup my new wireless printer and then losing track of time when I start pointing and printing from my Android…..yep.  Soon.  Organized.  Blog site.  Very soon.


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